RTP Railfan Radio Antenna Installation
I have always had the RTP Railfan scanner stream up on this website but the content hasn't been that great. Basically my antenna installation was never good enough to pickup anything with any range. I could pick up 5-10 miles away maybe if I was lucky. I had attempted to use an antenna in the attic but after finding out that roofing materials can attenuate signal by 50% I needed to find a way to get the antenna outside. Originally I had the DPD Productions Traintenna Omni on a 10 foot PVC pipe mounted around the side of my house. This did not work as well as I had hoped. For one thing it was to near the house to be in free space and 10 feet just wasn't enought height. Therefore, I invested in a 30 foot ChannelMaster mast to install my Traintenna. After digging a 2.5 foot hole and mounting a pipe to place my mast over, I installed the mast with the help of my wife. Then I guy wired the mast down in three places to ensure the mast wouldn't fall into the house. The results were great. I can now hear 20 miles or greater in all directions picking up two defect detectors and trains as far away as Raleigh station, Durham, and Sanford.
BNSF Freight Train near Needles California