Railfanning Atlantic Coast Line, South Carolina
We decided to go to Savannah, GA for a long weekend visit. What better way to get there then along the Atlantic Coast Line route! I started with some research on Frograil about the route. They have a very good tour of the route here. We started off by jumping of interstate 95 in Dillon, SC. We didn't stop there because that is the farthest south I have railfanned. We crossed the Pee Dee river and stopped in Winona. This had a good double track that you could see very far in either direction. The road there is very busy though, so we moved on. The next stop was the Amtrak station in Florence, SC. As the frograil tour says, very nice station. I only walked out on the platform for a few minutes and I had just missed the Amtrak and a freight. Thats ok, another was leaving as I was standing there. The problem with Florence is it's a city, and I'd rather railfan in the country. Next stop was my favorite town we stopped in, Scranton, SC. Nice little town, we parked by a park where you could picnic and watch the freights go by. Remember we were on our way to Savannah, so I had about 10 minutes in each spot. We drove past a lot of swamp and ended up in Etta, SC. I agree with Frograil, very nice place for railfan photography. Beautiful location, nothing around. I would have loved to spent the day here just hanging out. Skipped Charleston, SC and ended up at our last stop, Ravenel, SC. We stopped at the station, great place for kids. There was a park with a train play yard in it. Another place where I could have spent many hours. Unfortunately it will have to wait for when I have more time.
Kingstree, SC ACL CSX
Etta, SC CSX