BNSF Needles, California Railfanning
This past October I was able to take a week long vacation out to the southern Nevada/California area. We started out in Las Vegas and did a big loop through southern Utah, western Arizona and California around the Needles area. The BNSF line around Needles is a busy freight train line. We saw at least ten freight trains within a few hours. It was a cool place to hang out because you are out in the middle of no where and there are just tracks through the desert with a lot of freight traffic. At the border of Nevada/California the Colorado river appears like a oasis in the middle of the desert. There are people fishing, water skiing and all the usual water activities right in the middle of the desert. There is also a cool double tracked bridge that runs across the Colorado river. There is a series of pictures below that give a good feel to the area and a map of this desolate area.
BNSF Freight Train near Needles California