Apex, NC Railfanning
Apex, NC is fast growing town southwest of Cary, NC. Apex has the CSX S line (ex-Seaboard) running through it. This line connects Cary/Raleigh with Hamlet, NC. The Silver Star runs through Apex around 5AM and 9:30 AM. There are also several freights that run through Apex at different times during the day. One of these is the Hamlet-Raleigh local. I'm not sure what else runs through there but I hear them talking on the scanner a lot. Apex is a nice area to walk around and is a safe place to railfan. Apex is also the crossing for the old Durham and Southern. I have a particular interest in this line because it runs right behind my house in Holly Springs. On the map you can make out the tracks cutting away towards the south. The old line is hard to see but its here and there going south.
Apex, NC Train Station