The American Tobacco Trail
The American Tobacco Trail is a rails-to-trails project in the RTP area. A fantastic place to walk, the ATT spans from Durham south well into Wake county. The "end" of the trail is located along New Hill-Olive Chapel Rd. between Olive Chapel Road and Humie Olive Road. This trail was originally the old Durham and South Carolina RR. I won't go into all the history because it can be found at the ATT site. Some interesting things about the trail, two of the bridges have not been completed. One of them over Panther Creek and one over Northeast Creek. However, for a short walk, its only probably 2-3 miles to the bridges and back from the nearest parking areas. They are both in Chatham county. (Updated: Over the past two years bridges have been constructed over the creeks allowing full access to the entire trail) Currently there is a section of the trail that isn't finished which runs under I40. Another interesting fact, a section of the original railroad was moved in order to make way for the Harris Lake Dam. I have found some of the old rail right of way. Its pretty cool to go walking along it also. I will probably cover this in another article. The ATT is a great place to walk and it has an interesting history.
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