Cary, NC Railfanning
Cary, NC is a small town between the bigger cities of Raleigh and Durham. An upscale area near Research Triangle Park, it offers an interesting railfanning location. The Cary train station, which also serves as the area's DMV office, serves several Amtrak lines. These lines can be located at Amtrak Cary Schedule. Specifically the Carolinia which runs at 10:43 AM and 5:03 PM, the Silver Star runs at 5:11 AM and 9:27 PM and the Piedmont which runs at 7:16 AM and 8:21 PM. In addition you can catch a freight train or two if you are lucky. Cary is a nice place just to walk around. I usually do a loop starting at the train station and going over by the Page-Walker Hotel. If you get a chance, and its open, stop by the Page-Walker Hotel. It has some interesting art inside and its a good place to check out while you are waiting for a train to show up. Then I will walk up main street just checking out the shops. Generally I will show up to see the Amtrak go by but if I'm lucky there will be a freight going to Apex or Raleigh. Its a nice place to walk around and enjoy the area.
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