Hamlet, NC Hub of the CSX
Although not in the RTP area, eastern north carolina railfans will want to check out Hamlet. I made the trip one Sunday morning. It took about an hour and a half to get down there from Holly Springs. You basically just get on 1 and shoot down there. It was well worth it. Hamlet is known as the hub of the CSX. Hamlet yard is located just north of the Hamlet station. The best place for railfanning is at the Hamlet station which was recently renovated and it now the National Rail Museum. I believe I saw about 10-15 trains that day, it was incredible how many there were. I'm use to scanning the airwaves to pick something up coming through the RTP area but it was too easy there. You would just be checking out the station and two would show up within 20 minutes. Its a very exciting place to visit. In addition there is a road with a bridge that goes right over the east/west line and it was a good place for photography. The National Rail Museum in Hamlet has some interesting information about the towns past. In addition they had a really cool model train layout of Hamlet in the basement of the building. It includes a replica of the Hamlet yard. You could make out the roads that you had just been walking on. I spent several hours there just wandering the town. It was a great place to railfan and I hope to go back there soon.
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