My Yagi Antenna
Using plans from the internet, I built a Yagi-Uda antenna for the railroad band. This involved a couple pieces of PVC pipe and a elbow joint for the support boom. I also used threaded pieces of metal for the director, reflector and other directing elements. Then I used a piece of co-ax cable to connect it up to my scanner.

Uniden Scanner

A picutre of the finished Antenna. It has five elements. The first element on the right is the reflector, then the director, then the three driven elements.


Yagi Uda connector to coax cable

Here I have the coax cable connector to the antenna driven element which is just a dipole. I have the center conductor soldered to the top side and the ground of the cable soldered to the bottom side.

Scanner hooked up to Yagi Antenna

The antenna is connected into this Radio Shack scanner that allows me to scan up to 100 channels. I only have it set for the first bank because I only really have four active channels used around my house. The output of the scanner goes to computer.

Scanner hooked up to Yagi Antenna

The computer has an 802.11 wireless card for remote communication with my router. I can remote login to windows from any computer in my house without having to go into the attic to access the computer. The line in of the soundcard gets the scanner output. I use two pieces of software. One is an audio recorder application that records as soon as it picks up sound. The other is winamp for broadcasting the stream over the internet. I haven't figured out how to use both at the same time, maybe i can't.